Serendipity Summit

Serendipity Summit

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“The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”

What is the Serendipity Summit all about?

  • Guided

    Over 10 hours of online workshops and LIVE virtual sessions on our academy site 

  • Heart Centered

    A safe space for HEALING and EXPLORATION

  • Nurturing

    A supportive community invested in your JOURNEY


Your week includes

  • Our Offering to You

    Connect more joyfully to yourself and others on this beautiful online guided journey. This authentic collaboration created by our Academy leaders invites you to take part in this fun and nurturing group experience. Designed as a safe space for healing and exploration, we invite you to discover new concepts, tap into your creative center, and connect to spirit for Whole-Self intuitive healing. Get ready to welcome an exhilarating flow of new opportunities as they beautifully align with you.

  • Serendipity Summit Theme

    Using the chakras as our guide you will learn practical ways to form a solid foundation for bringing joy forward in your everyday life. The process of healing and rejuvenation we discovered while working together became the foundation for this summit. Each leader intuitively crafted their lesson sharing their unique gifts in a way that naturally flowed like the colors of a rainbow. This collaborative holistic approach allows you to experience several styles and find what speaks to you.

  • The Energy of Us

    The chakras are the self regulating energy houses in the human body that regulate and harmonize us. The seven chakras have the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. When they are in harmony we are able to live our authentic lives soul purpose. We are grounded in creativity, empowerment, and love. Join us on a purposeful journey to provide balance perfect for any experience level.

Each day you will find

  • a self guided lesson based on one of the 7 Chakras that you can do at your own pace

  • Tips and techniques for incorporating the chakra energy into your day that you can implement immediately

  • a live group video chat each day

  • meaningful content designed to find peace, creative expression, and daily practices that add more joyful spirit into your daily life.

  • a private online group to share the journey

The offerings

  • A heart centered Yoga practice

  • A group meditation

  • An intuitive art lesson

  • A crystal suggestion for each chakra

  • Biofield Tuning session

  • An introduction to energy awareness and balancing

  • 7 daily practices and discussions

  • Bonus material & discounts on future offerings

  • 4 holistic wellness professionals that provide you with practical ways to participate at home and provide a direction for going forward.

  • BONUS: intuitively selected "serendipity bag" for FIRST 21 ULTIMATE BLISS packages

Your Guides

Choose the option that supports you!

Enlightenment - dig deep and go at your own pace for a full 21 days 

(valued at over $600) $129

Ultimate Bliss - enjoy the live sessions and then go at your own pace for a lifetime of access to all content provided during your 7 day journey.  $222 

FIRST 21 PEOPLE to register for the Ultimate Bliss package by August 21st will receive a SERENDIPITY PACKAGE of both digital and custom crafted items carefully chosen to aid you on your journey and provide a nourishing start to your new adventure onward.  


Ultimate Bliss

A lifetime of access to all content provided during your 7 day journey. The first 21 receive an artisan crafted SWAG bag of items carefully chosen to aid you on your journey and provide a nourishing start to your new adventure onward.