Artist & Magic Maker

"Shannon is a certified intuitive coach and helps people discover where their joy lives. She is both an artist and energy worker and believes everyone has magic inside them."

Shannon TibbettsAs an artist the nature of all that I do starts with passion and ideas. This store is filled with my heart and my magic. Each piece has it's own story, each category it's own flow, and each customer adds their own energy to finish the story. Each piece of art is infused with intention to bring more love and light and joy.
My art is organic, made from nature and formed from whatever energy seems to flow. I have a need to work with my hands. I have been drawn to "sticks and stones" my entire life. I collect and carve Rhode Island driftwood and sticks, create natural stone jewelry, mold creatures out of clay, and throw paint onto paper. My love for art and magic led to "art with a purpose" and introduces crystal grids, card holders, tarot pouches and more. 
My company, Imaginif Media, holds the energy for my passions to come alive. I am a program developer, creative consultant, certified life coach, and co-founder of Creative Compass Collaborative, a holistic group of professionals working together to educate, guide, and inspire others.
I use art, energy, nature, and intentional tools to guide others on their own path of self awareness in order to discover their inner joy, unique gifts, and personal power to walk this messy life with intention and childlike wonder. I hope to have some small part in filling the world with more difference makers, more joy, and more healthy people, mind body and soul.
I enjoy travel, nature and the connection we have with the earth. The beach is where I belong and my desire is to help others realize their true passion and chase their dreams.
The magic in all things comes from within each of us. I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life and I love meeting new ones. My husband truly is the most perfect person for me and I treasure every moment we have together. We married in 2014 and have 4 amazing children between us. My son Zach died at the tender age of 22 leaving a hole in our hearts that will always remain and gifting us with a unique understanding of how precious time is for all of us. The 501 (c) 3 non profit organization Intentional Heart, Inc is building programming for teens and young adults and much of my time and resources are donated here. SmileZ are created in honor of my son and the signature smilie he drew on everything. 50% of every smileZ purchase is donated to Intentional Heart.
I have wanted to make the world a better place and I truly believe that it starts with one person at a time. Everyone has something beautiful within them and something purposeful in their grasp but it takes a dreamer to bring them to a place of love, inclusion and freedom to explore all possibilities. That is my gift, futuristic, creative and filled with the raw curiosity of a child so that I still kick over rocks to see what is underneath. I walk a daily path alongside grief learning new ways to bring joy into my life and others. I hope my art helps to bring a little more joy into your life.